Louis Vuitton Jeanne Wallet 2017 Thoughts

After patiently waiting for months – I finally splurged and decided to purchase a new Wallet. My wallet of choice? – the Louis Vuitton Jeanne Wallet.

The LV online shop has many options when it comes to this wallet. I have always loved the monogram canvas and I was pretty set on it. Specifically, for the monogram there are 3 interior options.

I decided to go with the rose ballerine interior which comes with multicoloured inserts.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 6.36.47 PM.png

The great thing about this wallet is the versatility of it. For me, I love having a small wallet for days where I’m on the go and not carrying much. This wallet gives me the option to just grab the card holder piece and carry my ID and credit card.

On days where I’m at work or carrying a larger bag – I can use the whole wallet! I love how the inserts can be used alone, or as a whole.

Really looking forward to receiving this in the mail.

Review to follow.

xo. J





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