Wireless Headphone Review – Bose Soundlink and Jaybird Bluebud X


Over the last year or so I have owned a couple of wireless headphones. Here are my reviews of a couple I have owned for a few years:

Bose Soundlink Over the ear headphones

The first pair I purchased was the Bose Soundlink. These were one of the best rated bluetooth wireless headphones out there at the time I purchased them (early 2015). At the time I had purchased them in Japan and paid about $200 CAD after conversion and thought that was a steal, as the regular price was around $300 CAD.

They are very comfortable; with a cushioned ear piece and adjustable band they sit very nicely. The sound quality is very nice and although not complete canceling, it does manage to cancel out loud noises. In addition, it has the option to swap out the bluetooth for a wired option, making it very versatile.

As this is now an older model, I would still recommend it as a cheaper option to the new Bose bluetooth headphones that have come out. It still gets the job done and is very affordable.


Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.56.56 PM.png

Jaybird Bluebud X

These were purchased solely for the gym. They are lightweight earbuds connected with a wire that runs on the back side of the head. The packaging comes with different sized ear pieces that can be interchanged to make sure you have the right fit.

I initially loved these headphones as they were very convenient to use at the gym. They fit nicely and rarely fell out of my ear. The battery life lasted from 7-8 gym sessions, depending on the length of the workout – which is about 8 hours.

Unfortunately, after having them for just under a year some battery issues came up. The headphones were not holding a charge as long as they should be and it was even difficult to get them to charge!

Would not recommend these due to issues that came up only within a year of owning them. And I did not even use them consistently for that time!

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.57.40 PM.png



The Bose headphones are great and I would recommend these. If you’re looking for something less bulky I would consider another Jaybird product or the new apple airpods.

Hopefully will get a pair of the apple ones in the near future!


xo. J


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