Louis Vuitton – Jeanne Wallet Review!

A couple weeks ago I purchased the Jeanne Wallet online from LV. It took 3 business days to arrive in the mail and I have been loving it!

To start – the online shopping experience was super easy to do from the comfort of my bedroom. Upon placing the order I received the UPS tracking number and was notified it would be delivered in only a few short days.

The great thing about shopping online is that it comes with everything you would receive if shopping in the store. (the box, dust bag, receipt and even samples!)

IMG_2992.jpgI really love the colours of the newer packaging…


Here is the reveal: !!!

IMG_2994.jpgThe wallet comes with two removable inserts – one card holder and a zippered pouch.

The card holder is beautiful. It has one outside slot as you can see in the front, as well as a slot through the top. You can easily fit 2-3 cards and a bit of cash. I love how it is removable, so if I needed to quickly run somewhere I could just pull this out and take it with me.

The zippered pouch is also amazing. It is a really nice navy blue and in addition to having a zipper along the top, it has a V shaped slot on the front. This pouch is large enough to fit a bill without folding it, and also two credit cards side by side. Again I love the adaptability of this wallet. I find that when I have too many things stuffed in the wallet, removing the zippered pouch is perfect for reducing the thickness.



Lastly, here is a picture of the inside. It has 6 card slots and a wide open area where you can pretty much put everything.

*Note: the open area actually does fit my iphone 6!

Overall, I love the wallet and am 100% glad I purchased it. It is super diverse and there are so many things you can do with it. My favourite thing is how you can remove the card holder and zippered pouch and use them alone or with the wallet!

I would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone.


xo J


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